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Sheyna Gee

Sheyna started 2016 with a big ol California Country bang. Gee and her band of Boys were featured on the main Stage at The NAMM Show in January, she made her way out to Nashville in February performing at Whiskey Jam, The 5 Spot and 12th and Porter and back to California to play Stagecoach Country Music Festival in April. Don't miss her this summer in Nashville for her residency every weekend at the world famous Tootsie's Orchard Lounge. 

Known for her unapologetic Country anthems, Sheyna Gee has held up to her title as “The Last Standing Badass”.

Starting out playing guitar at just 5 years old, writing and performing her first song at 6, Sheyna found her own voice by immersing herself in a wide variety of music from legends like, Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin to country greats, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris and of course California rock bands, like Bad Religion and Sublime. Her lyrics, stemming from epic adventures and nights out painting the town, have won her numerous awards including the titles of “Best Singer/Songwriter” and “Best Country Single” at the LA Music Awards. 

Sheyna has written countless songs including infectious sing-a-longs such as “I've Been Around”, dive bar anthem “Barstool”, and all out American drinking song “Holler Swoller,” all of which break the stigma that country music requires losing your dog, truck and girl all in the same night. The past three years have been a whirlwind of awards, festivals, viral online videos, writing sessions and high energy performances for Sheyna and her band "The Boys." Watch out as Sheyna Gee starts a California Country movement with her authentic lyrics, unrivaled voice and ridiculously large hair bows and high heels.







Welcome to California

by Sheyna Gee